Block B comeback?

It's been a while that we haven't updated this category .___. but the news about Block B having a comeback has been out for a while now:
A lot of people got distracted because of his tattoo but was it only me who started to jump here and there when he laughed at the end of the clip? I'm like "YES! they're alive..."
About his tattoo, A LOT of people are freaking out here and there because of it and I found a good explanation on tumblr.
The tattoo on Zico’s chest, the one you can see from the collar of his shirt, isn’t real. It’s fake like the ones on his forearms. They were made temporary for their new MV shooting. I think most people have seen the pictures, but for those who have not, he had fake tattoos in the ones that were leaked. I’m not going to reupload or share them publicly out of courtesy for Stardom.

But! In their pictures from Incheon Airport, his forearm tattoos were faded. The one on his chest isn’t going to be as faded though, because that part of the body doesn’t come in contact with a lot of stuff unlike the underside of his arms.

Zico hasn’t had the time for a new tattoo (the time between their last performance and roughly around the time they started filming). It wouldn’t be ideal. It wouldn’t have been healed properly. It would most likely still be scabby and gross looking.

You can tell the ink sits on top of the skin - even in the low quality of the video. When you have a tattoo, it becomes matte looking, because the ink is under the skin. The color wouldn’t be as bold and vivid in comparison to the temporary method they used.



Seems legit






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