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The concept behind VIXX's albums "Hyde" and "Jekyll" is based on Robert Louise Stevenson's novel.
The story is about a scientist named Dr. Henry Jekyll who lived in the ancient England (around the 1800s). He starts to hang out with an ugly beast called Mr. Edward Hyde which makes a lot of people surprised. However the funny thing is that Jekyll is Hyde, the scientist invented an elixir which brings out the ugly and brutal side of every human being. Dr Jekyll gets tempted over the fact that he can do whatever he likes in a different disguise and that leads to him getting addicted to (/overusing) the elixir. The story is practically about the ability we humans have towards good and bad things in life. 
Personally, I've been listening to Hyde non-stop and after reading the story behind Jekyll and Hyde the MV made a lot of sense XD I'm actually surprised over the fact that they have such a "meningful" story behind their album. Don't get the " " - quote things wrong, I find it pretty impressive because there aren't a lot of groups out there who uses old stories as their theme.
It's actually one of the most disgusting yet coolest MV's out there >__>


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