K problems...

#177. S-Line, X-Line, A-Line and you have none of them, submitted by kimbapx
#176. Deciding which cover you want, submitted by what-is-love-shawols
Oh god, I wanted to buy his solo album so badly but I couldn't.... because I couldn't chose one cover XD
#174. Knowing some members can never come back, submitted by luvforkpop
#173. Needing subtitles to understand your bias, submitted by grrriloveyou
169. The better guy never gets the girl in Kdramas, submitted by lostabove 
#170. Realizing "this is not the reality you wanted", submitted by krismaticlove
#161. Being too young for your bias, submitted by what-is-love-shawols
#163. Not matching your bias' ideal type
#162. No sleep because of drama marathons, submitted by amdixiegirl2009
#158. When someone says a member isn't talented, submitted by myungwolf 
Love these k-problems ;D Well I'm not loving the problems but the fact that they're so true .____. 

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