Happy 1 year anniversary Evol!!!~

I haven't really followed them since their debut but I really liked their debut album .__. I haven't really heard anything about a comeback either (the same with block b...) Stardom ent. Y U NO REVEAL NEWS?!
Oh well Happy 1 year girls~

Miss A Jia t-shirt collection

I just saw that Miss A's Jia have designed her own t-shirt collection :3 It looks... good? Nothing spectacular but I liked the black one :o
She also sended one to SISTAR's Bora 

TS Entertainment makes official announcement on SECRET’s accident

As reported, the girls were traveling to Jamshil and the van they were in hit an icy patch and slipped on a curvy road, slamming into the right guard rail and flipped over. All the members were immediately transferred to the emergency room at a nearby hospital. Unlike the previous report that stated Hyosungwas severely injured, it was Zinger who suffered the worst injuries with fractured ribs and a bruised lung. The rest of the members and the manager who was driving suffered light injuries and bruises, and were released from the hospital.


TS Entertainment said, “The top priority is for the members’ health“, expressing that SECRET’s activities will be altered according to the members’ health condition.



That moment when the info is wrong...

I don't really know who Zinger is but I hope that she'll be okay :O If her lungs are seriously injured, then there's a risk that her voice, something O__O *random guess*
But damn how the heck did the driver manage to flip the whole van as well?!

Secret involved in a car accident, Hyosung seriously injured


SECRET was involved in a car accident.


The girls were in a car in Seoul, Yanghwado at around 2AM KST in the morning of the 11th. The car crashed into the guard rail, injuring 5 people.


Member Hyosung was seriously injured and was immediately taken to the hospital. The other members are also injured and currently being treated in the hospital, but the severity of their injury is not yet known.


The police is currently investigating the accident through witnesses.


- Allkpop



I'm like noooooo not my Hyosung ;w; Not the girl who's growing on my bias list for every minut ;______; I seriously hope that all of them are well, and I'm eagerly waiting for some info about Hyosung here .__.



About Amber changing her image

Allkpop's top-stories are changing much faster than me eating... *lame* for you who hasn't seen it, Victoria announced that Amber would change her image by growing her hair out :O Amagodshe'lllooksocute!!!
I wonder why she decided to change her image... but a lot of people seem to like the idea while others mentioned that it will look like a drag with a wig O__O Like wtf?
However I saw a picture on her with/photoshopped (?) long hair~
She doesn't look bad at all so stop complaining! ^3^ But we have to wait and see the progress now...

Girl's Day - Don't Forget Me [MV]

AHHH, so cute!! I spazzed so much when he tried to kiss her xD The MV is so cute! But dang, that's an empty school they go to ^^

The song, me like! The dance, not bad! Over all, not a bad MV ^^ But my favorite song from them is still "Oh! My God" ^^
To bad a member had to leave (Jihae). Eaven though I never really knew her, it's still sad when a members leaves a group, no matter what group or member.

Girl's Day - Don't forget me [Teaser]

I had a discussion with Bo about that boys' action over there... I somehow found him stupid to grab her hand and give her more pain by carrying up that arm of hers. Buuuut then Bo came out of nowhere and said "He's helping her by carrying her arm as well, stupid..." <-- or something. And that was the historical moment when I:
Jk XD But the boy looked cute, I think o__o didn't really see his face but it's obvious that he is pretty. I've been listening to Girl's day before but I don't really remember them that well but it was quiet clear that a member was missing and if I ain't arong here *cough youtube comments* a girl name Jihae isn't there and that is because of her leaving the group because of personal reasons.
The song seem to be one of those cute ones with powerful voices and the MV will be released 26th ^o^

Miss A - I don't need a man [MV]

How awkward, they released the MV 4 days ago and we haven't uploaded it =__= People haven't really been spazzing over their comeback yet, or at least not on fb...

Omg they look gorgeous! ê____ê Especially Fei and Min.
I actually liked their song, a lot! Not their best one (If you compare to "Touch" and "Good Bye Baby") but it's relaxing ^_^ And the message behind this is well thought and good as well.
And *sight~* JYP always tend to plopp up in every MV and this wasn't an exception either. Did anyone else notice him at 0:09?


As I mentioned in Hyosung's birthday post it's Secret's 3 years anniversary today!!! :D I started to hype when it was M2stasch's 1 year anniverary, wonder how the idols feel :p
I don't know why but I'm secretly biased on Secret (see what I did there?) no but I don't really "know" them so well but I've always liked them for no reason.They seem really... sweet ê__ê
Secret debuted with their MV "I want you back" October 13th (today, 3 years ago) and we wish them a happy 3 years anniversary ^3^ Keep beeing sexy and pretty~

Jewelry - Look At Me [MV]

Not the biggest fan of Jewelry, mostly because I've never really noticed them. I knew that they existed, but because they haven't released anything in 1 year and 5 moths (which was before I started listening to KPOP) I haven't gotten a chance to like these girls. Who knows, maybe they're good? One thing I've learned thanks to KPOP.. never judge before you know ^^

HMM.. *processing*. I actually liked it. It doesn't make me want to know these girls more, it just means I like it. I liked their style and the song. But what's up with "touching your bum and stick it out while you drag your hands over it"-dance everybody does in their MV's nowadays?? O__o Not complaining though mehehehe ^^

Look at me.. look at me, look at me now *says in super-speed* ^^
Welcome back Jewelry! I guess we're all looking at you now ;D

Miss A - Min & Fei [Comeback teaser photo]



Min's photo: “I pay rent with my money, I can buy everything I want to eat and clothes I want to wear, although it’s not enough I know how to be satisfied, that’s why I love myself.”

Fei’s photo: “Boy don’t say, I’ll take care of you I’ll care for you No No, Boy don’t play, if you aren’t going to be serious.”

It has been known for a while that Miss A would have a comeback soon and I've been searching for it as well and finally Allkpop wrote about it :3
They didn't write any specific date but I belive that after Jia and Suzy's photos, a teaser should be released after a few days?

Their comeback theme looks pretty interesting it seems to have a quiet big message behind it *duhh, independent ladies* XD Btw is it only me who thinks that Min looks like that rabbit guy in "Alice in Wonderland"?




AOA - Get Out [MV]

DAAAMN, i liked it?! xD And I loved "Elvis". So I guess AOA is doing pretty well in my eyes ^^

and DAYUM!!! The girl at 0:35, looking like tomb raider and stuff!! 

1:37, there we have someone that actually got an acceptance letter to Hogwarts O__o
1:51.... that's the "Kill Bill"-girl -.-'

I bet that everytime someone showed up like someone else (or like, i costume) they were someone that actually existed. In a movie or IRL ^^

And the dance was good! Haha very sexy when they sang "OH. oh. OH. oh. OHoh", I seriously could not stop looking at their.. hair ^^ It kind of reminded me of A Pink in "Hush". I guess this entire MV reminded me of stuff ^^ But I still liked it! The song was not really like anything I've heard before, so that's awesome! A little variation you know xD

Jewelry - Look at me [Teaser]

Apparently Jewelry released a teaser 14 hours ago and I randomly found it on youtube XD

To be honest I haven't heard a single song from them nor do I know anything! Sure I know one thing or two about girl groups in general but zero when it comes to Jewelry!
Her looks is actually unique, she doesn't look like a typical Korean girl (the face) it's a mix between something and something XD And daamn the gurl can rap! That's hardcore rap and it sounded really good :O
Their mini album will be released October 11th, only 2 days left ;) Looking forward to this :3

15& - I Dream [Practice]

Not bad.. felt more like a "Live Version" though. Now when I think about it. All these Practice-videos are like Live Versions ^^ Just that you don't get it from different angels and they don't wear amazing/weird cloths. So yes, I guess this is just like all the others, but the others dance and these sing xD

But dang.. their voices!! And I just love the fact that Park Ji Min isn't super skinny. She's beautiful just as she is, but I bet you that she'll lose like 20 pounds within 3 months T_T

15& - I Dream [MV]

Their debut has arrived!!!
15& is a duo with "KPOP Star" winner Park Ji Min and a trainee from JYPent. Baek Ye Rin. They both sing, so I guess this is a vocal group ^^

From left to right: Park Ji Min & Baek Ye Rin

AMAZING!! They're such a powerful duo. That's the song. The MV however.. wasn't that good. It was cute in the beginning but when they ended up in front of each other at 3:20.. and when they just stood there singing with their hands. I kind of felt awkward... haha. I think that the MV would have been much better if they made it into more of a story.

You guys have seen Huh Gak's MVs right? I posted some up a while ago, but yes. That's what I'm talking about. These kind of songs deserve MVs like that. It makes the whole thing even better! I love this song, but I think I would've loved it more if the MV was a little better. I somehow feel like this was a bit rushed. Didn't Park Ji Min just win "KPOP Star". They let her debut so fast O__o That's why I feel like it's a little rushed. But maybe she didn't need much training. I just think that they should have put more effort in the MV, that's all.

15& [New Duo Group]

JYP is already ready to debut a new group called 15&. Maybe you guys have heard of Park Ji Min.. the girl that won "KPOP-star", yes her. She's one of the two members in this new duo group! The other girl is still a ♫ mystery, mystery GIRL~ ♫

The new girl has apparently been a trainee for JYP Ent. for 5 years, and now she's 15. So she started when she was 10 (simple math ^^). But that went very fast for Park Ji Min!!! It wasn't that long ago she won "KPOP-star" and she's already debuting ^^ Well good for her! Her voice is amazing!!

Their debut track will be released on October 15th.

And here you have Park Ji Min singing "Rolling in the Deep"


Spica - I'll be there [Teaser]

Wonderful comebacks/debuts everywhere~ *flying away* Okay that was obviously random... It's hard to belive that the year is almost over .___. Only a few months left and a lot of big groups will have their comeback soon ^3^
Okay about SPICA, In my opinion they are the best girl group who has debuted this year. They haven't let me down (so far) I loved Russian roulette and painkiller. However this is a totally new concept and I'm actyally really curious to see how it will turn out o__o Actually it's like a bigfoot step from Painkiller to this ê__ê
The MV will be released September 19th ^u^

Secret - Poison [MV]

DAAAANG, that first girl got curves!! xD Sexiiii~
And this felt like an "evil" version of Charlies Angels ^^ You know, the way they made things work and how they got the information they wanted etc.
And I got that in the end, we were supposed to get that "AHAAAA" feeling.. but I didn't get it O__o Or maybe I'm just slow haha ^^

And the song.. not bad! Very catchy. And OMG the dance!! I'm surprised that this video didn't get banned O.O I mean it's very.. sexy. Hahaha the beginning, I was afraid I was going to see something I shouldn't see an idol do xD If you know what I mean, hehe..

SECRET - Poison [Teaser]

... I know nada about Secret but I got really hyped when I saw their teaser. O__O Love this dedective/sexy theme they have and I was like "I see what you did there" when I saw their name for the MV Secret Poison, you know hahaha XD One of the girls looked really familiar then I realised, it was Hyosung >___>
Btw is it only me who's waiting for someone from NU'EST to plopp up in their MV?

HAPPY 3 years (delayed) ANNIVERSARY f(x)♥

Well HAPPY 3 YEARS ANNIVERSARY f(x)!!! :D I'm not a big f(x) fan but I somehow love Victoria and Amber.
They just make me go asdfghjkl XD I don't really know what to say but happy 3 years f(x) and keep doing an awesome job! I loved their latest album, I have to buy it :p

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