Happy 6 years anniversary Girls Generation!!!~

Omg... I totally forgot O_O Yesterday was Girl's Generations 5th anniversary! It was the day they debuted with "Into the world". HAPPY 6 YEARS GIRLS GENERATION!!! I'm now really a mega fan but I actually like them. They've surely been a huge inspiration source to many kpop fans and I hope that they'll always stay strong! Keep up the good work girls!!

Girls' Generation - I got a boy [Dance Teaser + pictures]

SM has finall released the teaser for I got a boy and the MV will be released 1/1 2013. A good start on the year for all the sones~
It's the first time I don't see them wearing any killer heels in the MV o___o However during the first second I suddenly got a Suju (Sexy Free & Single) and F(x) (Electric schock) vibes. They way they stood and their makeup. The song otherwise seemed to be so so. It hasn't gotten stuck.. yet XD
A lot of people has been talking about Hyoyeon's teaser picture and her nails XD I believe that they did the nails loose on purpose but why? -__-
Love her eyes :o
Her hair :o
Her... hair O_____O
But I like this puke of colors all over the place and the asdfghjkl! OuO Looks promising

SNSD male edition...

So many comebacks latel and I'm writing a post about them XD But this is so freaking epic hahahahahaha! They nailed this so perfectly ;w;
The genie ver.
The outfit and those "sexy" moves are just,... (y)

Girls Generation won't have a comeback this year...

Girls’ Generation will not be making a Korean comeback this year.

According to insiders in the music industry, Girls’ Generation had originally targeted for a Korean comeback at the end of October or in the beginning of November. However, it’s rumored that they have decided not to comeback this year.

One insider stated, “Girls’ Generation has expressed their desire to comeback at the end of October or in the beginning of November. However, they have decided not to have any activities this year. There is the fact that they’re already late for their target comeback, and they if were to have a comeback they wanted to make sure their music was perfect. They won’t be rushing to make a comeback this year.

However, the girls will be continuing their Japanese activities. Their 6th single “Flower Power” will be released on the 21st, and their 2nd album, ‘Girls & Peace‘, will be released on the 28th.




- Allkpop


I'm not really crying rivers here but aw :/ It's good that they think of the quality of their music instead of just mass-producing. I hope that EXO will at least have their comeback =_=



Taeyeon (SNSD) - Closer [OST 'To the Beautiful You']

So beautiful! But I couldn't eatch the MV because it has to many spoilers -.-' And I honestly feel like I should see this drama because I fangirl over so many gifs from this drama ^^ And I don't even know what happens!! I mean, I got the idea, but I want to know everything! xD

But anywho, this song is so emotional and slow and so much better than SNSD's PV "All My Love is for You". That was another slow song.. but not as good as this one. This one was really amazing!! Even though I have no clue of what she sang about ^^

Girls Generation - All My Love is for You

Not bad.. not amazing. SNSD however is always amazing, so maybe my mood just isn't set on "emotional" right now so I can appreciate the song. So if I listen to it later I'll probably love it xD But right now.. it's just boring. SNSD always have these catchy and up-beat songs that can get stuck in your head for days! But not this time O__o

But like.. that "hey-eyeyey yey" part is a little addicting. So that part will probably be stuck in my head today. Just that part though.. haha xD

HAPPY 5 years ANNIVERSARY Girls Generation♥

Well I'm not really a die hard Sone but I can't help to love their bond. Dunno why but it screams "family" from them and I hope that they'll take care of themselves and celebrate a 10th year anniversary one day. Keep fighting and act like a boss! :D

Girls Generation - Paparazzi [Dance Edit GOLD]

Those pink gloves </3 XD Don't know if I should love or hate it. However I really like their dance in Paparazzi. It gives you that typical SNSD feeling but it's still something new and awesome! And the song is great as well! ^ω^
8 members: *having a seriouse face while dancing* (<-- most of the time)
Hyoyeon: *smiles through the whole MV* ;D

Girls Generation (SNSD) - Paparazzi [Dance Ver.]

SO GOOD!!! I really like it when girls can dance ^^ Even if they wern't 100% in sync, it still looked cool. And I love how they made like these three gorups that did their own thing, but all at the same time.. hahaha like at 0:39. Just in generall how all the girls complement each other. They all do different things, but it looks do damn good! And how at the beginning only a few does one dance, but in the end EVERYONE does it, like at 0:22 how they kind of pic up the other girls in the middle of the dance xD It's hard to explain.. BUT I LIKED IT!! xD

AND WEHOO~ No commercial in the clip!!! xD

SNSD - Paparazzi [MV/PV]


Ohlala~ Bet that all the Sones are happy now. SM has finally paid some (more) attention towards their idols right now. First EXO, SHINee and now SNSD I'm totally waiting for Sujus' comeback this year!!! :D

I actually liked the song, a lot. Even if it was a Japanese one. It just floated really well even those "rap-parts" their outfits was daebak! And I just love that awesome moment when Hyoyeon got her own time to shine however it's a shame that some of them doesn't get a big part at all, for example Hyoyeon. She got what... one line/sentence? But yeah I know she's in the centre most of the time so it's a +-0

Really liked the MV and the song woop woop~

SNSD - Twinkle [Music Video]

Woot Woot~ It's out :3 I'm starting to love this song AND Taeyeon's voice <3__<3 It's like a... lighter version of Christina Aguilera XD

At the beginning I thought it was Onew who was the photographer but then I realised... it wasn't him. All of a sudden I see Baekhyun sitting in that beauty sallon making me a bit supicious with the photographer-guy AND THEN I see Kai and Se hun plopping up out of nowhere, and I solved the whole "who's-the-photographer-guy" jupp it's Chanyeol, Onew's kid ^ω^
Btw Kai was cute as !#%"¤!% His smile is so freaking ADORABLE!!!!!! TT^TT

And the thing I hate with the MV is... those freaking advertising thing in the bottom of the clip >_> SM Y U MAKE ME MAD?!

Taetiseo - Twinkle


Lol Taetiseo XD the creativity you have SM... *ironic*

So here's SNSD's subunit song ô_ô  It was released 00:00 in Itunes (Seoul time) so it was released 17,5 hours ago? Hahahahaha Lol we're so slow TT^TT
Okay about the song... I thought it would be more power in it, judging by those teasers but it was pretty "light". As I said before this song truly gives you the Moulin Rouge feeling but it wasn't bad at all. I actually liked it. Even if it weren't as powerful as I imagined their voices are still beautiful together (okay that sounds wrong >__>)

They released a whole (mini) album but I'm only uploading Twinkle. Click here to listen to their new album ^3^


*Le tres teaser on le SNSD*~

There we go~ I bet that you've already seen them =_= And already heard the news about making a sub group with Seohyun, Tiffany and Taeyeon. The song sounds really amazing and promising I have to admit that I love that "AHAHAHAhahhhhhhhh" (lol) strong voice in the background. Have to see who it is o_o

But the song gave me some Moulin Rouge feeling with Christina Aguilera (A song that I really love and an artist I really respect, I listened to her songs 24/7 before kpop came into my life XD) But the girls are probably able to take the high notes ^_^
Waiting till the 29th April! ÒuÓ

Why is the hate toward a SONE so big? O_O

That's a question I've been thinking on a lot... The funny thing is that SNSD has A LOT of fans but there's SO MUCH hate toward those fans. Why? Wae? Por qué? Varför? Okay let's stop playing smart here XD

They've been training like freaks as other groups, they can sing (It's SM that always tend to mix their voices, or entertainmernts in general) and they can dance pretty good. Sure they aren't a hip hop, bad ass group but they are... SNSD, and they have that SNSD dance style :3 *duh*

I've actually been watching a lot of SNSD MV's lately, I can't really get a "Omo..." feeling from them. Their Music vedeos are entertaining and their songs are catchy (For example Oh! You can't deny that fact...) but that must be it.

I also have a confession to make here too. My whole kpop obssesion began with SHINee's Lucifer but that wasn't my first/real kpop song I listened to. When I dug into my brain I realised that my first kpop group wasn't SHINee at all... it was this clip *Exactly THIS one*

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! AW MAI GOD MY FIRST KPOP SONG WAS THIS WEIRD ASS TEXT PARODY WITH SNSD *brb dying* I remember that my uncle *more like a big bro* uploaded this one on fb a looooong time ago. So my first group wasn't really, or it was SHINee if you count it that why but otherwise it was SNSD.

Huhuhuhuh T_____________________T
"I'll never forget our child, the pussy-obsessed Saddam can possess his soul to bone girls" W-T-F . . .
Another thing I realised was... Minho is in this MV ;w; *retarded once again*

SNSD's Jessica walks like a man?

Saw this "comment"

And was like "whaaaaaaaaaaat?~". So I had to look it up, haha *le no-lifer*

But that's all I found -.-' Wanted to see her walk! Found a clip where she was walking on a catwalk, but that's not really the same thing.. But anywho, if I ever see a video with her walking, I'll make sure to put it up! xD

SNSD on David Letterman!

I know, I'm so late with this!! Sorry guys! But as you might know, Girls Generation perfromed on The David Letterman Show!! THAT'S HUGE!!

I don't feel like this were their best performance, because the stage was so small compared to what they are used to perform on. And am I the only one that thinks that these KPOP-groups look better on Korean shows? Haha, I don't know why, but they don't really look as cute on american shows as they do on Korean shows O.o

But apart from that, they did a great job! KPOP IS GOING VIRAL! xD

*Proud* ...

... kpop fan ovah here *jumping up and down*
This is what I saw on the Itunes app thing O.o

Kpop is getting biggah!!! <-- tired -.-

This. made. my. day!

OH GOSH!! hahahahaha, I freakin' love you guys!! x'D


Girls Generation (SNSD) - GEE

SNSD want's to answer YOUR questions!

Just read that SOOMPI will get an Interview with famous girl group SNSD!
Now they give you the chance to ask the questions you've always wanted to ask them. Just click here and ask away!!!!

Team Soompi will select the most interesting (and appropriate) questions and have SNSD answer them! You have a week to get in your questions -- we will stop accepting entries on Monday, 10/24, 9 AM EST (10 PM KST).

SNSD - The Boys

Yet another MV has been realsed today!!! This time it's SNSD's new song The Boys.


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