"10 Groups That Are Never Getting Back Together"

Here's the article from allkpop: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/08/wbw-10-groups-that-are-never-getting-back-together 

Allkpop ruining dreams since... now XD </3. I can't imagine how many haters the writer will get right now but I (I'm sorry) completely agree with this person. *cough thinking on TVXQ* Altough I never expected Wonder Girls to be on the list as well, but I haven't really "heard"/read any statement from JYP yet so it's not completely over. 
However fans must get over this TVXQ thing. I know it's a sensitive topic but you need to move on. SM will probably never allow TVXQ be on the same stage as JYJ (If TVXQ themselves won't run away...) and I also read that the members themselves had some conflicts. It's not 100% true but as I said I don't think that they'll stand on the same stage again. 

Kpop minions~

I saw a minion picture on U-kiss yesterday and decided to search on other kpop minions ;D I don't know who began with this but I'll find you, and hug you OuO

Once again, fangirl problems

X''D </3
More fan Problems~

Did you know that...

The concept behind VIXX's albums "Hyde" and "Jekyll" is based on Robert Louise Stevenson's novel.
The story is about a scientist named Dr. Henry Jekyll who lived in the ancient England (around the 1800s). He starts to hang out with an ugly beast called Mr. Edward Hyde which makes a lot of people surprised. However the funny thing is that Jekyll is Hyde, the scientist invented an elixir which brings out the ugly and brutal side of every human being. Dr Jekyll gets tempted over the fact that he can do whatever he likes in a different disguise and that leads to him getting addicted to (/overusing) the elixir. The story is practically about the ability we humans have towards good and bad things in life. 
Personally, I've been listening to Hyde non-stop and after reading the story behind Jekyll and Hyde the MV made a lot of sense XD I'm actually surprised over the fact that they have such a "meningful" story behind their album. Don't get the " " - quote things wrong, I find it pretty impressive because there aren't a lot of groups out there who uses old stories as their theme.
It's actually one of the most disgusting yet coolest MV's out there >__>

3 things I don't get in the kpop world...

I'm finally back on track in the kpop world after 2 days. I've been listening/watching 42985729 Mv's .___. However the thing I don't get is the big hate towards the rookie group Wassup. I haven't seen the MV for their debut song yet because youtube is blocking it -_- But I've seen live performances and teasers and I seriously don't get why people are hating. Sure twerking isn't really the best dance move out there but why the heck are some people saying that they will ruin kpop, dafuq?! Idols try new moves for example shuffling, acrobatic moves, pole dancing etc. Twerking is one of them and some of you (probably 95%) don't like it and it's fine to state it but NEVAH say that it'll ruin kpop! I personally think that the song is catchy and twerking doesn't look completely bad at some places. People seem to hate and judge before they've seen the entire MV or their live performances.
Okay guys, allkpop, dailykpopnews, homo sapiens sapiens stahp. It's bad that the idols are enlisted as celebrity soldiers, they should serve their country like "normal" people. (well that sounded a bit wrong...) and the fact that they've been trolling around doesn't make things better. Just give them the punishment and stop ship your oppa for a while. It's reality folks, if someone breaks the rule, punishment awaits them. 
People should love these girls more! Walking around with helmets and sh*t! XD 
This is how I roll~

SM & C&C Merging

It took me while to actually get these [THIS & THIS] articles but I think I've gotten a grip on it. To put it simply SM ent. and Woolim will practically merge into one big entertainmment. Woolim won't really belong to SM but you can say that... they're a sub entertainment called Woolim Label :p (like kpop sub groups). 
A lot of (particularly) Inspirits' seems to be unhappy about this matter and I'm a bit, meh, as well. It'll benefit the groups in Woolim ent. A LOT but I'm a bit unhappy revolving the "pride perspective". For example, Infinite was seriously, a piece of dust when they debuted but they've risen to become such an inspiring and strong group by themselves. However it feels like they'll ride on a train together with SM now. But I'm still happy over the fact that they can become more popular over a short amount of time, thanks to SM. 
I can't really comment anything regarding how the music will turn out, but I seriously hope that Infinite will have their awesome beat and personality in their songs. We have to wait and see guys, wait and see.

Kpop groups/duo without a fanclub name

It's known that evey kpop group/duo out there usually have a fanclub name, where fans can call themselves... their fans XD *captain obvious*  No.. but there are some groups out there who (still...) doesn't have any official fanclub name and that's quite weird imo because the groups/companies usually announce the fanclub name after a few months. (from their debut)
Well here you have the nameless fandoms .___.
I'm surprised that f(x), Exo and JYJ doesn't have any official fan names... f(x) fans are calling themselves aff(x)tions or nameless while Exo fans call themselves Exotics. SM Y U NO GIVE FAN NAMES?!
There are actually A LOT of nameless groups/duo's and when I say a lot, I mean a lot. However I just picked some "popular" groups. 

Funny tweets from kpop idols

I was out hunting (note: visited different websites) and decided to collect funny tweets written by kpop idols ;D

Omg hahahahahahahaha 
Trans:  I washed my car for the first time in 100 years… And now it’s raining…ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Trans: BEAST, these guys; they must be having a hard time choosing… After filming ended, I checked my phone and I had 18 messages. Saying “What movie should we watch?"…. And in the end, before I even had a chance to tell them my opinion, they said we’re going to watch “Kungfu Panda" as soon as I walked into the dorm………… Nice..*^^*

I love that movie ;w;
Imagine that you open the door and see 6 "grown" men sit there watching kungfu panda XD
Give the guy some resbull! His fingers hurts!
Oh right! Wasn't she a porno star?

Men are supposed to cry 3 times in his life...

I have actually heard this quote before *pointing up* or actually a long time ago. I didn't really check when they're supposed to cry but I did it a few months ago. The quote is actually, funny enough, a well known Korean saying. 
“Men are supposed to cry only 3 times in their life”
- "When he is born, when his parents die, and when he loses his country."

The born part is quite unexpected because everyone cries when they're born (duh.. or there are actually special kids.. nevermind). I thought that "When their kid is born" would've been there.
The most uncommon one is actually the last one. I couldn't really find an exact answer, but it is a bit influenced from their history. You know those years where the nation was colonized by Japan. 
So I actually fins these things interesting :3

Despicable Me 2 - Chinese & Korean

I saw the movie Despicable Me 2 yesterday together with my little sister and papa~ I saw a picture on fb where they "translated" some of the minions language:
I sat and waited so hard for the "Hana, Dul, Sae" part and I actually heard it ;''D They actually count to 3 on the first movie as well.
It begins at 0:28 
There were also a scene where they screamed "Gambai" (mean cheers in Chinese) but I couldn't find a clip -_-

Kpop Cosplays

I've been seeing A LOT of Japanese cosplays (revolving manga/anime characters) and I love it T___T I would like to cosplay as well but I don't have the time nor the skills XD 
Oh well, I thought it would be interesting to search on K-pop cosplays and see how well they've cosplayed kpop idols~ :3
Gotta love this Taemin cosplay
Thought it was Gain first XD

K problems...

#177. S-Line, X-Line, A-Line and you have none of them, submitted by kimbapx
#176. Deciding which cover you want, submitted by what-is-love-shawols
Oh god, I wanted to buy his solo album so badly but I couldn't.... because I couldn't chose one cover XD
#174. Knowing some members can never come back, submitted by luvforkpop
#173. Needing subtitles to understand your bias, submitted by grrriloveyou
169. The better guy never gets the girl in Kdramas, submitted by lostabove 
#170. Realizing "this is not the reality you wanted", submitted by krismaticlove
#161. Being too young for your bias, submitted by what-is-love-shawols
#163. Not matching your bias' ideal type
#162. No sleep because of drama marathons, submitted by amdixiegirl2009
#158. When someone says a member isn't talented, submitted by myungwolf 
Love these k-problems ;D Well I'm not loving the problems but the fact that they're so true .____. 

Click here for more~

Korean body lines

When I usually read random articles on kpop celebrities bodies, words like s-line, v-line and other stuff plopps up and I'm sitting there like a retard wondering what line is what. So I found a website that explained most of the lines:
s-line body 

S-Line - Ample breasts and buttocks when viewed from the side


S-Line (second use) - Side view: forehead to bridge of nose to tip of nose


V-Line - A slim and oval face narrowing towards the chin


V-Line (second use) - The line in-between the breasts


W-Line - Breasts viewed from the front


X-Line - Long legs and arms connected by a narrow waist


U-Line - Exposed lower back in low cut clothing


M-Line - A "six pack" of abdominal muscles on men


D-Line - A pregnant (or pregnant-appearing) abdomen


B-Line - Big breasts, big abdomen


O-Line - Generalized obesity


Apparently there are other lines as well but it seemed a bit complicated =_= But here's the SOURCE if you want to read a bit more. 


It feels like they missed the F-line, the fat line XD Or we can name the W-line into Whale line instead ;''''D XD hahaha *lousy humour* 



"Normal" ppl Vs. Kpop fans

The pronunciations of these two are different. But how they are written (in English) looks the same. 
Lol  XD
Le Source~ 

Ugly hairstyles through the kpop history [part 1/1 - girls]

Da daaaaaam!~
As I mentioned before I was going to do a ugly girl hairstyles as well :3 I've already made boys PART 1 and boys PART 2.

So here's le ugly hairstyles á la gurls... even I get confused reading that sentence. I didn't find so many ugly hairstyles from the girls side so they only deserv 1 part *cough compared to the boys cough*
It's a horrible green colour =_= Sure if it was a bit more... "anime" colour but not this XD
Aaaaand Dara takes the price~
I seriously h.a.t.e that hairstyle and colour O_O It gives her head a weird shape...

Celebrities that'll get discharged from the army 2013

I sat and wondered how many k-celebrities would get/has gotten discharged from te army this year. A found a list on tumblr and there are a few ones:
Heechul (Super Junior)
    - Enlistement date: September 1, 2011
    - Estimated release date: August 31, 2013

Jung Taewoo
   - Enlistment date: September 14, 2011
   - Estimated release date: July 2013

Kim Jun (T-MAX)
   - Enlistment date: September 29, 2011
   - Estimated release date: July 2013

Kim Kyung Rok (V.O.S)
   - Enlistment date: September 29, 2011
   - Estimated release date: July 2013

Yunhak (Supernova)
   - Enlistment date: October 25, 2011
   - Estimated release date: June 25, 2013


   - Enlistment date: October 27, 2011
   - Estimated release date: August 2013

   - Enlistment date: November 7, 2011
   - Estimated release date: August/September 2013

Min Kyung Hoon
   - Enlistment date: March 6, 2012
   - Estimated discharge date: December 2013


Jung Ji-Hoon (Rain)
   - Enlistment date: October 11, 2011
   - Estimated release date: July 2013


Dari (Dalmatian)
   - Enlistment date: April 25, 2011
   - Estimated release date: March 2013


Source~  & Source 2~


I haven't really read any news about this but isn't Rain discharged already?  And I guess that Dari is discharged as well? But he isn't back in DMTN yet, did they kick him out? O_O



Did you know?

I like this page called didyouknow on fb, they post random facts about everything so I found a funny one:
I'm like really O_________O 3 months? She turned into that after 3 months? Btw shouldn't it be Jjang* 

Ugly hairstyles through the kpop history [part 2/2 - boys]

And heeeereee we go with part 2 on ugly hairstyles through the kpop history~ To check part 1 click HERE~ :3

Misheard Kpop Lyrics [#2]

The title pretty much says it all ^^
Click here for part 1.

(The songs name, group and what they're actually saying are all in one of the corners in the pictures.)

NO WAY?! Hahaha totally misunderstood that line.. from your love to "be alone".

Ask ZE:A?!

Found this ZE:A site when I was trolling around on tumblr a long time ago. And if I'm not mistaking... I think you could ask the actual ZE:A members any question you'd like to ask and they might answer you O__o


and they always answer with these funny gifs xD Gosh.. imagine having them answer one of YOUR questions xD Have to spam them with questions now 8D


And that's the site :D

Update: it says now that the page is on a hiatus. Don't know for how long, but hopefully for only like.. 2 more days hehe.

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