M2stasch is disbanding

Wow that sounded depressing... XD 
It feels like I'm sayin goodbye to a big part of my life #truestory but I guess everything has an ending? And after every ending there's a new beginning. Ohh~ I always wanted to write something cheesy like that XD 
Both me and Bo has come to the conclusion that we need to "disband" M2stasch now. I am the only one who's updating this blog regulary, I'm also going to attend my 3rd year in high school this wednesday, so will BO. I don't want to have this 'must' feeling to update the blog which will lead to crappy posts anyway and I don't want to write halfhearted posts to you guys. 
It has been 2 great and fun years running this blog, I've or - we both, have meet so many new people who shares the same interest as we do *cough fangirling over asian boys..* and we've gained so many new and random memories ;w; I remember our first days as M2stasch. We went to Swedens' first kpopflashmob (like M2stasch...) and boy... that my dear friend was awkward XD However neither me or Bo regret forming M2stasch ;D
We want to thank you for sticking our with our terrible grammar, made up words and fangirl days~ We also had our 2 years anniversary 6 days ago but unfortunately.... I forgot >_________________> 
We won't deleted this blog because it's like a treasure box filled with feels and memories for us ;w; It'll be fun to visit this blog again after a few years and see the Idon'tknowwhat side of us ;'D 
Once again thank you guys and goodbye! :D


Macro time =3= [#111]


Idiots... idiots everywhere XD

Their faces though..
D.O, Xiumin and Tao (MIA)

oh hey zelo!hyung, hi!

State of condition: sick... (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻


Idols on helium~

I belive that if you're kpop fan you should've at least seen a youtube clip on a specific group where they inhale helium. Personally I love those clips, guys it's helium, helium = you become high with your laugh ;D
In this we have SHINee, DBSK, MBLAQ, SNSD, Teen Top and ZE:A
There are probably more out there but these are the ones I could find ;D 


Happy Birthday to Teen Top's singing bird (yes I know that sounds lame) Niel who's turning 19 years old (20 Korean age) today! He's a grown man now~ 
Lastly Happy Birthday to U-Kiss Hoon who's turning 22 years old (23 Korean age) today!! :D

Macro time =3= [#110]

Is that Mir or Lee Joon? Either way I ain't surprised that he fell down XD
macro credit to: commencetofangirling

Anime I'm watching

I don't really know how many of you guys here are manga/anime fans like I am buuut I wanted to share 4 anime, animes, anime's O.o that I'm currently watching :3 *long post*
Avatar the last airbender
It's not really anime (from Japan)... It's actually an American animated serie. But I'm drugging this right now, love the comedy and I've always been a sucker when it comes to the 4 elements. So I totally recommend it, it's only 61 episodes (divided into 3 "books" - seasons)
Naruto Shippuuden
Gah... ninjas... do I have to explain the awesomeness?! There are actually a lot of episodes and it's still ongoing. The first "season" has 220 ep and now the second one is up to 324 ep. It's... 544 ep total and it's not done yet. I can't even describe the nolifer in me ;w; Especially when you calculate the time I've spent watching this. But it's great, believe me .__________.
Soul eater
I haven't watched so many episodes but it seems promising so far :3
Ah~ Another awesome anime just like Naruto :3 It feels like it shifts a bit too much between "booring" and exciting. At some parts the plot doesn't seem to develope at all but all of a sudden action shows up everywhere and you just want to flip tables for hours... 
You can watch all of these anime on Animefreaktv but I'm currently watching Avatar HERE
Heh long post... but these are some series I'm watching right now >:3

"10 Groups That Are Never Getting Back Together"

Here's the article from allkpop: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/08/wbw-10-groups-that-are-never-getting-back-together 

Allkpop ruining dreams since... now XD </3. I can't imagine how many haters the writer will get right now but I (I'm sorry) completely agree with this person. *cough thinking on TVXQ* Altough I never expected Wonder Girls to be on the list as well, but I haven't really "heard"/read any statement from JYP yet so it's not completely over. 
However fans must get over this TVXQ thing. I know it's a sensitive topic but you need to move on. SM will probably never allow TVXQ be on the same stage as JYJ (If TVXQ themselves won't run away...) and I also read that the members themselves had some conflicts. It's not 100% true but as I said I don't think that they'll stand on the same stage again. 

Macro time =3= [#109]

Dry humor by shufflebunnie
*bad humor*

if you ever feel like you’re dumb just remember that tao had a mouthful of water in his mouth and forgot to swallow and tried to talk to luhan and choked.


- Really man... really?



Created by SlaveOfLunacy








Happy birthday to B1A4's maknae Gongchan who's turning 20 (21 Korean age) today!! :D What... wasn't he born -95 >___> *lost*

Kpop minions~

I saw a minion picture on U-kiss yesterday and decided to search on other kpop minions ;D I don't know who began with this but I'll find you, and hug you OuO

Once again, fangirl problems

X''D </3
More fan Problems~

Did you know that...

The concept behind VIXX's albums "Hyde" and "Jekyll" is based on Robert Louise Stevenson's novel.
The story is about a scientist named Dr. Henry Jekyll who lived in the ancient England (around the 1800s). He starts to hang out with an ugly beast called Mr. Edward Hyde which makes a lot of people surprised. However the funny thing is that Jekyll is Hyde, the scientist invented an elixir which brings out the ugly and brutal side of every human being. Dr Jekyll gets tempted over the fact that he can do whatever he likes in a different disguise and that leads to him getting addicted to (/overusing) the elixir. The story is practically about the ability we humans have towards good and bad things in life. 
Personally, I've been listening to Hyde non-stop and after reading the story behind Jekyll and Hyde the MV made a lot of sense XD I'm actually surprised over the fact that they have such a "meningful" story behind their album. Don't get the " " - quote things wrong, I find it pretty impressive because there aren't a lot of groups out there who uses old stories as their theme.
It's actually one of the most disgusting yet coolest MV's out there >__>

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