2PM in Frankfurt

I just saw a post on fb a few days ago, that 2PM and other Korean celebrities will go to Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt, to celebrate the 50-years exchange of nurses and miners between Germany and South Korea. The mini concert is held 26th october and I just wanna cry ;w; 
I seriously wanna go but I don't have any money *every kpop fangirls problem* nor do I have the time... >__>

2PM - Heartbeat + Again & Again [2009 MAMA]

Okey guys, I know this is very old. But I was stalking Jay Park the other day and came across this video of 2PM. This live perfomance was performed after Jay had left the group due to all the controversy about what Jay had written to a friend on Myspace. If you guys don't know the story (which is pretty old) I could make a post about it. But most people probably already know the story because it's an old story. However that's not the point. This video is the point.

I don't know how well you guys know these songs. But in the second song (Again & Again) they actually kept Jay's spot empty and nobody sang on his parts. To me, this was very emotional. I don't know if it's because they sincerely cared for Jay, or to make all the anti-fans they got to be happy. Again, if you guys don't know the whole story, I could make a post about it. But either way.. I appreciate what they did here.

Here is the actual MV for 'Again & Again'.

Haha I don't know why I posted this. I guess I was just very touched, and... haha just enjoy it God dammit!!!!

2PM to make a comeback!!

2PM has announced that they’ll be making a comeback as early as January  next year!


JYP Entertainment stated, “2PM is currently working under the schedule of making a comeback early next year. We can’t give any details on the exact timing yet but it will be in the beginning of the year.”


This will mark their first comeback in a year six months since their ‘Hands Up‘ release in June of 2011. Since then, the boys have been focusing on international activities while hinting at a comeback in September or October of this year.




F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!!!! ;_________; *running around* I've been waiting for 1,5 year now!!! Sure I've been keeping up with their Japanese comeback, but still. XD 
AMAGOD *fangirl mode*


A 2PM member in a relationship?

2PM‘s Jun.K revealed that a 2PM member is currently in a relationship.

On the 11th, Jun.K featured on the first episode of tvN‘s ‘The Romantic & Idol‘ where he held an interview with the staff. He said, “It’s been a really long time since I dated someone. People around me sincerely tell me to date.

When asked about if anyone in 2PM was in a relationship at the moment, he answered, “There’s no one in 2PM who’s in a relationship right now. No actually… there’s one.” After he made the confession, he quickly became flustered, saying, “Wait, I’m getting tricked into saying this.


I was like O_____O You serious? XD It's hard to guess which member because all of them... *sight* never mind XD But all I know is that it can't be Chansung (>:3), Taecyeon or Nichkhun. I suspect Wooyoung or Junho, more on Junho's side XD It's a Hottest vibe or at least how I feel. 

I also read an awesome comment:


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH X'''D It took me a while to get it but all I'm going to say is: *points down*

2PM to guest on "Star King"

According to insiders, 2PM will be making a special guest appearance on SBS‘ ‘Star King‘ just in time for Kang Ho Dong‘s return to his MC position.

A representative stated, “Excluding Nichkhun, the members of 2PM will be participating in the [October 29th] recording.” Although Nichkhun’s known for his close relationship with Kang Ho Dong on the show, he has opted out of the recording due to his drunk driving incident.

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk has also been confirmed as a guest on the upcoming show. Although the recording will take place a day before his official enlistment, he’s reported to have decided to appear on the program as it helped solidify his image as a variety idol.

This episode of ‘Star King’ will broadcast on November 10 KST.




2PM won't be the only one to guest on Star King but Leeteuk as well before his enlistment. I went all:



Gonna sit there an wait for the episode... to be subbed XD And Leeteuk will enlist the army soon ;w;



2PM’s Junsu changes his name to “Min-Jun"

I'm sorry but I just had to bring this up...
I don't know if he's trolling with us but to expect his fans to call him "Min-Jun" all of a sudden is... too much O_O The thing I wondered was if he changed his name to Min-Jun compeletely or if it's his stagename (With 2PM) But I believe it's his real name? XD *retarded* And Jun.K is is stagename I guess..

But I'm actually speachless, this was a really abnormal way to just announce something. It'll be hard to call him Min-Jun now all of a sudden so he'll still be Junsu in my eyes.
I hope that JYP will release some more info about this matter =__= It's not April 1st yet guys...

2PM facts~ ^o^

Taecyeon will turn into one of those who is more noisy, over-react and get aggressive when you're dealing with a woman
Chansung was a taekwando and Gumdo champ
Taecyeon is good at skiing and cooking
Jo Kwon of 2pm was so close to Jaebum that he easily cries when Jaebum comes to mind.
Jaebum chose jessica as his ideal type in several variety shows
Nichkhun is the only K-Pop idol who comes from Thailand
Chansung have a pet cat named Jungkam
Although Jaebum is no longer a member of 2PM, on Nichkhun birthday last year Jaebum wished khun a happy birthday.
Chansung can eat 40 servings of shabu-shabu

Chansung is the most bizarre member during sleep, like walking alone in his sleep (this has happened since childhood, and once he even went out of the house), delirium, his sleep position is always tilted, like sleeping on the floor never even had time to turn on the laptop, but behind the bed again. Also, before bed, Chansung prepares food at his bedside, and in the middle of his sleep, would wake up and eat the food earlier and then go back to sleep again.

Taecyeon and Chansung is the most powerful members in eating. They can eat up to 25 servings
Junho passes out anywhere when he's drunk
In addition to his big appetite, Taecyeon is a strong alcohol drinker, not yet an alcoholic.
Taecyeon is 'forced' by JYP to always plug an angry face on stage and when the album cover photo shoot
Junsu wants Wooyoung as his in-law, but Nikhun who has two sisters wants NONE OF 2PM MEMEBERS as his in laws
Junho and Junsu are equally obsessed with SNSD. Junsu because he’s always nervous when you hear the name and saw one member of SNSD, while Junho have targeted a member of SNSD who think he's cute.
I just realised that I resemble Chansung a lot o___o Sure I don't really prepare food beside me but I always have water beside me and food in my bag XD I also sleepwalk *rarely* and the floor is like a bed for me . . .

Classic [MV ft. J.Y. Park, Wooyoung, Taecyeon & Suzy]

I honestly have no idea what this is.. but they told me about this MV on kakaotalk ^^

0:23 MMM-MMM-MMMM!!!

The song is so cute!! And did you guys see Cahnsung?! xD
Wooyoung and Suzy.. they actually fit together ^^ They'd make one of the cutest couples out there I think xD

3:17 "It's timeless just like plastic".. I don't know if that's a very romantic way of saying it ^^ Haha because plastic isn't very romantic you know.

Ok, so to the MV. I think it's that Suzy is supposed to marry JY Park, but runs away with Wooyoung because they have this "classic love". Wooyoung and Taec are friends, so when Woozy runs off together, Taec has their back and fights against JY Parks assassins. Hehe.. my little hero ^^

Dedicated to 2PM

Hahahahaha man, if you've been drugging 2PM you'll know all of these clips!! It's too bad that if you haven't seen them, because you'll probably not get why it's so funny. but if you have, you probably smiled during the whole thing. At least I did xD

Happy 4-year-anniversary 2pm! <3333


This is one heck of a emotional time for me XD My first anniversary post with these awesome guys <3 I'm not a person who can express myself in.. words, or anything at all .___. But I have to admit, I started to cry when I saw Nichkhun's picture on twitter while listening to "Thank You".
                                                                  I started to cry like a freak XD
4 years has gone by and I seriously feel a bit sad that I didn't discover kpop during your debut days because I wanted to be with you guys from the beginning. however I can proudly call myself for a HOTTEST and without you guys.. I wouldn't be a kpop freak as I am today. SHINee may have given me that small push into the kpop world but you guys made me stay. Without "Hands Up" neither me or BO would be here, so Thank YOU <3
Keep supporting each other and never change!! You're the only group out there who have a sick relationship with each other that no one except a HOTTEST can underestand. Ignore the haters and keep smiling no matter what.
          Happy 4 years anniversary and make an epic comeback my 6 sons/brothers/... something <3
Belive me I'll see you perform live one day... one day~

2 PM's comeback postponed

It has been reported that 2PM's comeback has been postponed.

Originally, 2PM has revealed that they would be making a comeback in September. However, Nichkhun recently halted his activities temporarily, spending time to self-reflect. Due to the sudden halt in activities, Nichkhun did not participate in JYP Entertainment's "FAN's Day" event in Korea and the JYP Nation concerts in Japan.

The new comeback date for 2PM has not been announced yet.

Meanwhile, JYP Entertainment said, "Nichkhun is still digesting everything. He self-reflecting a lot."
Well this sucks.. or yeah we already knew that this was going to happen but it still sucks ;( However I'm glad that the whole Nichkhun controversy has finally calmed down and I hope that they'll make their comeback soon. They're doing great in Japan but dude... we want you guys in K-O-R-E-A! *imitating Heechul's hand movements*
Is that... nailpolish? o__o

The whole Nichkhun controversy

I don't think that I have to mention anything here, the whole world probably know about Nichkhun's accident.
As a die hard Hottest it's my time to sit and defend this guy but I can't =__= I'm at a 50-50 state right now. The reason why he had to drive a car while beeing drunk the heck do I know and I'm cursing at him because of it.
For you who didn't know here's a small text:
On July 24th at 2:30AM KST, Nichkhun was involved in a minor car accident in his Golf Volkswagen and a motorcyclist in a nearby school ground intersection.
According to JYP Entertainment, Nichkhun had been at a dinner with fellow agency artists following a practice session for an upcoming concert. It was said that Nichkhun had drank approximately 2 bottles of beers. At the time of the accident, police recorded his blood-alcohol level at 0.056%*** and his license was suspended.

Through an official company notice, JYP Entertainment apologized, "If there are further investigation to be done, we will be engaged in it sincerely. We apologize to everyone once again."

**NOTE: DUI in Korea is anything over 0.05%. Nichkhun recorded a BAC of 0.056%.
So yeah basically he don't have a license anymore but I'm getting this dejá vu feeling all over again. It's starting to become like the Block B topic all over again. At one part I'm angry how people are overreacting but he should've known better after all. It's a HUGE blow on your image in Korea compared to other countries and you can practically say that he's screwed for now.
They even cut him off from their Carribean Bay online ad. They've also edited out his parts on "Idol Star Olympics"
I'm more worried over their Japanese comeback and their rumoured Korean comeback. ;w;
Buuuuut it isn't his entire fault after all (or how do I know, you can't really trust allkpop either) but y u Drink and Drive? -___-
I feel more like one of those angry moms disappointed over her child. *sight* well I hope that you'll be able to recover from this damage, he'll get a lot of crap from J.Y.P himself >__>

2PM Crazy Dance

Yesterday I was strolling around youtube and came across this:

Hahaha they're just too cute! I don't know if you guys feel it, but 2PM is different now from when Jay Park was a member. It looks like they have so much fun here just goofing around. They're still like big kids, but it's something.. yeah :/ But I support 2PM NO MATTER WHAT!! :D

Hahah but yeah, this clip made me smile ^^ I just love these crazy humans!

Jang Wooyoung - 23 Male Single [Solo Album]

Sexy Lady
DJ Got Me Goin' Crazy ft. Jun.K
Be With You
Falling Down
Couldn't Even Start
Only Girl
OwO I seriously like all the songs! His album is totally different compared to other groops/solo debuts. Lots of electro the ballads were even unique. But as I said before his solo debut is a huge success (from my aspect) I hope that you'll come high up in the charts <3 :'D
His song ft. Jun.K was also nice, I melted when I heard his voice û_û  Falling Down is also a huge favorite!

Jang Wooyoung - 장우영 (Sexy Lady) [MV]

Aw mai god my little boy has grown up... TT^TT Just a little... I can't believe that the awesome dorky guy has turned to this! (Nothing negative XD)
It was okay-good song. The song and the dance is catchy, especially the finger-on-your-head-while-you-move-it. however some stuff that I thought of...

#1 The girl who looks so freaking awkward when she dance hahaha XD at 2:34
#2 The actual fudge?! Was that a chipmunk voice at the dance part? Why?!
#3 The frustration when he didn't rip that shirt ;w;
Well he showed some abs but I wanted some shirt-rips in my MV's
Otherwise I belive that his first solo debut will be a success! Have to listen to the whole album now :3

Jang Wooyoung - 장우영 [Teaser 3]

Dear lord anymore teasers then the whole song will be out XD
The beat and the song was okay I guess? Nothing spectacular the review will probably be better when the whole song is out :p
The dance look daebak and his outfit... lol XD Hands up feeling all over the place! wonder what the other members says about his solo debut :3
Here is the tracklist for his album:

2.Sexy Lady
3.Dj Got Me Goin’ Crazy (Feat. Jun. K)
4.Be With You
5.Falling Down
6.시작도 없던 것처럼
7.Only Girl

I also read a small description about it:


“Sexy Lady” is a song written and composed by Park Jin Young,
also known as “The Asiansoul.” The album includes two songs
written by Wooyoung’s fellow 2PM members, Junho and
Junsu (Jun.K)
, under the titles “DJ GOT ME GOIN’
” and “Be With You.” The first track of the
album, “2NITE,” was performed live by Wooyoung at his debut
stage on Mnet’s “20’s Choice” Awards yesterday.

- Ohkpop -

Really Junho and Junse?! NOW I'm really looking forward!!! :D



Jang Wooyoung - 장우영 [Teaser 2]

Teaser numero dos on the single Jang Wooyoung XD *I'm so funny~*
His debut will be daebak! I'm really looking forward to his album, it seem to be something "special"/new compared to other songs and beats.
They also had an awesome synchronization so I'm looking forward even more! AND THAT MINI SMILE HE DID IN THE END BEEING ALL PROUD TT^TT  <333 (at 0:35)

2PM Show season 2

I started watching 2PM show season 1 last year but I never finished it =_= (The same with Idol army) but yesterday I watched all the 12 episodes and gosh I love them TT^TT I had my Big Bang period but I've switched back to 2PM again <3 Those two groups means everything to me.

Okay back to the point! It's official since long ago that 2PM will make a season 2 on 2PM show. Their manager said that they were going to film it this summer but I don't know when they'll release it. I also read that they would have another variety show o_o
For you who don't know: 2PM show is a reality show where 2PM do different games to show their sides from the viewers requests. Everything from their sexy, beastly, dorky, teamwork, sleepover, typical dorm sides :-) So the whole show is mostly based on what the viewers want.
I can ensure you that you wont regret this! XD Found the best comment to describe my bias from 2PM:
Well just erase the word leader*
Kekeke the water scene was fun to watch... if you know what I mean~


Jang Wooyoung - 장우영 [Teaser]

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH The first thing I reacted on "23, Male, Single" HAHAHAHA JYP XD I read the comments and everyone seems so react on that as well. Sounded like a dating site "Jang Wooyoung 23 years old single man living his dream~"

Well about the teaser, I love that fierce beat in the beginning and one word: eyegasm. Can you even say that? =_= Or maybe eyecandy... But damn did you see that!!! Wooyoung are one of those who looks REALLY good in light hair colors. The blonde one he had in Hands Up was awesome! It even looked natural :3
In the teaser they say that the solo album will be released July 8th. More than 1 week left... GAHH wooyoung ^3^


2PM & 2AM - One Day [PV]


Well I thought that they would upload the clip on their 2pm channel instead the Japanese ent Sony something uploaded it on their channel instead and only Japanese citizen can watch it -_- The fudge?! So that's why the clip is from Daily Motion.

Brb dying of cuteness TT^TT DID YOU SEE THAT? AWWW!!! Wait I'm sorry to spoil the mood but Taecyeon... he looked like the asian version of Zlatan (<-- soccer player) *sight~*
But back to the spazzing!!! I should give 2AM more attention, amazing voices! Well they're a balad group after all. And I bet that they're hyped up as hell because they usually don't dance these "powerful" dances even Jo Kwon said that in their B.E.G parody. So they're probably happy ;D (I may be wrong right now XD)

The song was great! Awesome voices! The song also reminded me a bit of 2PM's Japanese song they released a week ago, Beautiful. Or at least the beat in the beginning.
I was really shocked to see that eveyone had a small part so it was nice. They were also synced when they danced so that's a big + And the scene in the end when everyone sat around the table ;w; *my life is completed*

                                                                A totally irrelevant picture XD

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